The Malian Authority for the Regulation of Telecommunications, Information and Communication Technologies and Posts ( AMRTP ) proposes to recruit a firm to carry out the study mentioned in the subject.

The purpose of the mission is to evaluate these different services simultaneously and under similar conditions for all operators. It is :

  • assess radio coverage;
  • to evaluate the VOICE service;
  • assess interoperability;
  • assess hearing quality via automatic MOS measurements (POLQA);
  • to evaluate SMS services;
  • to evaluate the DATA services;
  • to evaluate international communications to at least five countries (Africa and Europe);
  • to establish a comparative analysis of the different networks;
  • establish a classification of the different operators by service.

Firms interested in this call are invited to make themselves known to the AMRTP by sending a sealed envelope or by e-mail containing the following information :

  • Presentation of the Consultant,
  • Administrative information (trade register, tax clearance, certificate of non-bankruptcy, etc.);
  • P resentation of references for similar study assignments or of the same technical complexity over the past five years , attested by certificates of the services provided or copies of the signature cover pages of similar contracts .

Expressions of interest must be sent with the mention ” National audit of the quality of service of mobile networks 2022 ” no later than July 19, 2022 at 4 p.m. (UT) to the address below :

Address : Malian Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications, Information and Communication Technologies and Posts .

Street 360  AMRTP building, Hamdallaye – ACI,  BP : 2206, Bamako (Mali)


Tel : ( +223 ) 20 70 57 00 or (+223) 44 97 65 20

Bamako, July 04, 2022


Saidou Pona SANKARE

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