National interest

Watch over national interests in telecommunications / ICT and postal matters; ensure compliance with the principle of equal treatment of operators in the telecommunications, ICT and postal sector, and essential requirements

Principle of neutrality

Ensure compliance with the principle of technological neutrality in telecommunications / ICT

Environmental and health standards

Ensure compliance with environmental and health standards in telecommunications, ICT

Compliance with obligations

Ensure that the various license, authorization or declaration holders comply with the applicable telecommunications / ICT regulations, and more particularly ensure, without this list being exhaustive: the identification of subscribers and users final, the control of approvals and mandatory specifications, the monitoring of the conditions of use of equipment, scarce resources, or the control of compliance with specifications and other obligations incumbent on operators, in particular those imposed on thoseRegulatory compliance of between them who exercise significant power in a relevant market

Compliance with regulations

Ensure compliance with the applicable postal regulations, in particular by ensuring the control and monitoring of the activities of players in the sector and more particularly, without this list being exhaustive: the control of compliance with the specifications of license holders operation, concession contract and all other obligations incumbent on them


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