Malian Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications/ICT and Posts (AMRTP) proposes to recruit a consultant to conduct the study mentioned above.

I- Context and justification

Malian Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications/ICT and Posts (AMRTP) is a structure responsible for ensuring the application of Telecommunications/ICT regulations and ensuring compliance with the general conditions for the operation of telecommunications activities in Mali.

The AMRTP wants to set up an IT Business Recovery Plan (PRA) to describe all the organizational procedures for the detailed recovery of each critical activity of its information system in the event of a major disaster or critical incident.

Thus, in order to have a high availability of its information system, AMRTP has published these terms of reference describing the AMRTP’s needs for the implementation of this PRA.

II- Objectives of the consultation

This consultation consists in providing the AMRTP with an PRA allowing it to resume its critical activities within a tolerable time in the event of a disaster or any other event preventing the normal course of its activities.

The objective of a Business Recovery Plan is to make available to the organization’s services a set of procedures that envisage a number of crisis scenarios and allow officials to make the best possible decisions in a highly disturbed context in order to ensure the organization’s survival. This, in order to allow the transparent switching, as soon as possible, of AMRTP’s activities on the withdrawal site after a disaster making the main site unavailable.

This mission will assist AMRTP in the study, development, implementation and validation of its Business Recovery Plan covering the following areas:

  • The continuity of critical activities;
  • The continuity of general resources and the reconstruction of working environments;
  • Crisis management and communication for all plans;
  • The test exercises of the business continuity plan.

The specific objectives of the mission consist mainly of:

  • The analysis of the existing, issues and consequences of interruption or degradation of AMRTP’s activities;
  • The classification and identification of risks that can severely impact the activity of the AMRTP and the identification of priorities in the treatment of these risks;
  • The realization of a synthesis of vital applications supporting the main critical processes;
  • Assistance and support in the development of business continuity plans, with the related devices, to the testing and maintenance of these plans under operational conditions.

Consultants interested in this call are invited to make themselves known to the AMRTP by sending a file containing the following information in a closed envelope or by e-mail:

  • Presentation of the office;
  • Administrative information (commercial register, tax discharge, certificate of non-bankruptcy, etc.) ;
  • Presentation of references of similar study missions or of the same technical complexity over the last five years, attested by certificates of the services made or copies of the pages of signature guards of similar contracts.

Expressions of interest must be sent with the mention “Implementation of an AMRTP Business Recovery Plan (PRA)” no later than 07/11/2022 at 4 p.m. (TU) to the following address:

Address: Malian Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications, Information and Communication Technologies and Posts – Rue 360 AmRTP Building, Hamdallaye – ACI, BP: 2206, Bamako (Mali) – E-mail: – Tel: (+223) 20 70 57 00 or (+223) 44 97 65 20.

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