WORD FROM THE CHAIRMAN MALI, today more than ever, needs to make the most of not only the intelligence and know-how of all its daughters and all its sons, but also all the opportunities offered by all segments of national life. There is no doubt about it: because of its field of intervention, but also of the mandate assigned to it, the AMRTP can and must imperatively play its part.
This is why I urge all my colleagues (Members of the Regulatory Board and of the Executive Secretariat, Directors of Departments as well as all of their collaborators) to demonstrate, as in the past, their commitment and of sacrifice: what it is in fact is to respond to the call of Mali, in a context now characterized by the desire to build the "MALI KURA".
Dear colleagues of the AMRTP, I have no doubt, for a single moment, that together we will build a real team and that, driven by the same vision and working in harmony, we will reap results which, at the time of the balance sheet , we will all be proud. This confidence in the future is based in particular on the following facts:
    - thanks to your expertise, my predecessors, to whom I would like to pay tribute, have made achievements on which it is appropriate to build;
    - the first contacts I had with you reassured me about your high sense of duty and your willingness to honor the mission entrusted to you.
Good luck to the AMRTP serving the exclusive interests of MALI!
First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the highest authorities of my country for the trust placed in my modest person, by appointing me to the Presidency of the Malian Authority for the Regulation of Telecommunications, Information Technologies and Communication and Posts (AMRTP). I measure its full scope.
First, because it is a mark of great confidence. However, one of the essential values of our society is based on the following: it is not enough to enjoy trust; failing to improve it, we must ensure that it does not shake.
Then, because our country is at a crossroads: confronted, for a decade, with a multidimensional crisis that threatens the very foundations of the Nation.

Recent news

World Post Day

Conference debate on the theme: “The Malian postal sector: Challenges and perspectives” Mali, like other countries in the international community, commemorated World Post Day on October 9. La Journée a été célébrée le mardi 11 octobre 2022 par l’organisation d’une conférence débat sur le thème : « Le secteur postal malien : Défis et perspectives […]


The Conference of Plenipotentiaries, the supreme decision-making body of the International Telecommunication Union (UI) has been holding its work in Bucharest, Romania since September 26, 2022, which will end on October 14, 2022. Held every four years, this conference is an important event at which ITU Member States decide on the future role of the […]

Quality of experience (QoE) measurement tool for mobile network subscribers

AMRTP QoE is a mobile application providing a comprehensive view of the quality of customer experience. It allows you to know the speed of your internet connection in real time, usage measurements (streaming, browsing, etc.). From this application you can directly notify AMRTP of quality of service issues. To download the link on: On Play […]

Qualified specialist

Arbitrator and neutral expert, architect and guardian of exchange networks in Mali.


Administrative authority independent of economic players.

Great experience

Commitment and the desire to always serve better are at the heart of our approach.

Friendly customer service

You will always be well received and informed at our premises or by calling 80 00 44 44

Our missions

  • watch over national interests in telecommunications / ICT and postal …
  • ensure compliance with the principle of technological neutrality …
  • ensure compliance with environmental and health standards …
  • ensure compliance by the various license holders …
  • ensure compliance with applicable postal regulations …
  • ensure the regulation and registration of the domain name of Mali point ml (.ml) …

What we do

Startups / Entrepreneurs

We protect innovators with an attitude of neutrality letting new technologies evolve until their eventual adoption by the market.

Fixed and mobile operators

The provision of electronic communications services to the public is free, subject to prior declaration to the Armtp.

Companies using telecom services

Amrtp ensures that fixed and mobile networks meet the connectivity needs of all businesses.

Professional mobile network

Hospitals, stadiums, transport, industries, events players, … do you manage a professional mobile network? Request frequencies for your activity.

Frequency allocation

AMRTP is the body responsible for frequency distribution in Mali. No frequency should be used without formal authorization from AMRTP

Postal and parcel operators

A declaration system and information collection have been put in place for all parcel operators operating in Mali.


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