Created by the Minister in charge of the telecommunications/ICT and Posts sector by Ordinance n°2011-024/P-RM of September 28, 2011 regulating the telecommunications and Posts sector, the Malian Telecommunications Regulatory Authority /TIC and Posts, abbreviated as “AMRTP”, replaces the Telecommunications Regulatory Committee (CRT) set up on September 30, 1999 by Ordinance No. 99-043/P-RM governing telecommunications in the Republic of Mali.


The change of status from “Independent Committee” to “Independent Administrative Authority” of the Malian Telecommunications / ICT and Posts Regulator, reflects the will of the State to endow the AMRTP, and this, in accordance with the Additional Acts of ECOWAS and to the WAEMU Directives adopted in the matter, institutional and financial means allowing it to accomplish its missions with complete independence and serenity for a harmonious development of telecommunications / ICT and Posts in Mali. Indeed, the AMRTP has legal personality and enjoys financial and administrative autonomy.

The strengthening of the regulator’s missions and powers came as our country welcomed a third operator with a global telecommunications license including mobile telephony to 2G and 3G standards, fixed telephony, the Internet and international.

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